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Vitamin C & Cancer

pro argi 9

ProArgi9 Nutritional Suppliment

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1. How will you assist me through Chemo/Radiation when I get so sick I begin to lose substantial weight, due to inability to eat?


2. At what point does “too much chemo and radiation” enter your mind? What’s your cut-off before I become too sick to continue treatments?  
Do you allow for breaks to re-fortify the body for the fight; or do you just go through the protocol for the sake of completing the regimen?


3. What will my body look like and function like when I’m done your protocol?


4. Will you agree not to let me get below

  • Protein of < 6
  • HGB of < 9
  • WBC < 5,000
  • Albumin of < 3
  • Loss of > 20% TBW


5. How do you tell (if both exist simultaneously) between severe dehydration/malnutrition secondary to the treatment and Stage IV cancer?


6. How many of your patients can’t complete the therapy due to the complications of treatment? Definition of Overkill?


7. Is this a partnership or dictatorship? How open are you?


8. Would you agree that dehydration and malnutrition due to chemo / radiation sickness will take me off the planet faster than the cancer will…Where and how bad is the fire?


9. What experience do you have about High dose IV vitamin C and Nutritional Cancer Support; especially, before, during and after chemo/radiation so I can tolerate the fight?


10. Does it make sense to save my veins/body by the numerous blood draws and Infusions needed by suggesting a port and nutritional support as a first choice and not a last resort?