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Vitamin C & Cancer

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ProArgi9 Nutritional Suppliment

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The IVC concept:

Our IVC Treatments are based on the concept that malignant diseases, immune disorders, and chronic degenerative diseases will not manifest in a healthy body with properly functioning regulatory, repair and defense mechanisms. The internal bodily environment that promotes the development of disease is due to a combination of multiple causes and conditions, which persist and remain chronically active after removal of the disease symptoms, in the case of cancer, the tumor. These remaining untreated causes are responsible for the high rate of disease recurrence and progression even after initially successful standard treatment.

Our Mission:

To recognize, understand and exceed our patients expectations, providing sound natural solutions, leading to harmony of mind and body.

Our Vision:

To partner with our patients to provide them the nutritional resources to fight cancer naturally. Providing a pro active center for the purpose of promoting wellness and nurturing of spirit.

Our Founder:

IVC Founder, Michael Anne McAllister, RN

Micahael Anne McAllister, RN

Michael Anne has been administering High does vitamin C for various physicians in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area for over 15 years. She is a Melanoma survivor; 12 years ago she was told by her physician to “get her affairs in order”. There was no chemo or radiation offered, so she had to find a way to stay healthy and strong. IVC Infusions was established in 2001 as a natural response to the increasing demands on health care professionals. The two main goals were for more well informed patients and for better results to the patients health care needs while facing cancer and the associated treatments. “We aim to inform and educate our patients. To empower them and deliver real results that ultimately show measured improvement in their overall health.”

“Some animals do live an entire lifetime in the wild and never need a Veterinarian. What are they doing that we can't? Simple,those animals produce Vitamin C in quantities sufficient to address injury, illness, stress and infection at the time it occurs by naturally increasing in the production of Vitamin C in their body. They heal themselves...We can too!”